Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Club Volleyball?

“Club volleyball”, as relative to the Texas Eastside Volleyball Club, is in essence a nickname for the Junior Olympic Volleyball Program as organized by USA Volleyball (USAV). Junior volleyball is a program directed girls ages 18 or younger that are still in high school. The Junior Volleyball Program is open to any player wishing to play volleyball, regardless of skill level. Texas Eastside is affiliated with the Lone Star Region of the USAV.

Why Should My Daughter Play Club Volleyball & Why Should Texas Eastside Be Our Choice?

Junior athletes play club volleyball for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is to allow the athlete to participate in highly competitive volleyball during the school volleyball program’s off-season. Typically, club volleyball is much more competitive than junior high and high school volleyball. This high level of competition enables the athlete to improve as a player, develop better fundamental skills, and be better prepared for the school’s program. Additionally, most collegiate volleyball scholarship athletes have participated in club volleyball and most college coaches focus on recruits that have played competitive club volleyball. Finally, club volleyball offers excellent coaching and instruction. This instruction is a great supplement to the direction given to the athlete in the school athletic setting.

48118983_scaled_193x129Texas Eastside has a lot to offer interested junior athletes and their parents.  Sharlene Barnett, a respected, mature, and professional volleyball coach in the local area and has been involved with the club since it’s start up in 2002. Coach Barnett has years of experience coaching athletes and running youth volleyball camps. She is well rounded, well grounded and uses common sense and fairness as main guides in decision-making. Texas Eastside’s coaching is also a plus. All volleyball coaches are interviewed and selected by the Director of Coaching. All head coaches are experienced, knowledgeable, and mature to teach sound fundamental skills; all have a background in structured coaching and/or playing environments. Assistant coaches all have playing experience in highly competitive programs.

Who Operates the Club?

The executive director and a board of directors, including a president, treasurer, secretary, director of coaches, and director of media operate Texas Eastside.

What Does the Club Fee Pay For?

Club fees pay for tournament entry fees, uniforms, equipment, hotel costs (coaches only), registration, referee and scorekeeper clinics, administrative costs, coaches salaries, facility rentals, director’s fee, and miscellaneous expenses. However, fees do not pay for any expenses related to teams that may qualify for post-season and/or out-of-state championship tournaments.

What Kind of Time Commitment Will We Need to Give to the Club?

Participation in a quality Junior Olympic Volleyball Program requires a significant amount of time for both athletes and their parents. Practices are held twice weekly, beginning in November and ending no earlier than the end of April. Typically, practices are held on one night each week and on a Sunday afternoon for two 2-hour time periods. Competitions are held on weekends, with each team competing an average of twice per month. Most tournaments are one-day events and do not require overnight hotel stays. Tournaments are usually held on Saturdays, but may sometimes occur on Sunday. Start times for tournaments are around 8 a.m. and may last late into the evening.

We are Sold on Club Volleyball & Texas Eastside. What Do We Do Next?

First, you can e-mail Sharlene Barnett at and let her know of your interest. Additionally, provide her with your daughter’s name, birth date, address, and contact information. Coach Barnett will respond and place your information into an athlete database. Next, bring your daughter to our Summer tryouts. There, you can speak to club directors and volleyball coaches and have an opportunity for any unanswered questions to be addressed.

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