“I have 2 daughters that play for Texas Eastside. As a parent, I not only want a volleyball club that is affordable but I also want a club that will help by girls to achieve their full potentials. Through being coached, playing competitively and private sessions, my girls have excelled.  They both have gained confidence and have exceeded all expectations as the two youngest players on their team this last season. I truly believe that you get better results though positive and affirmative coaching, and that is exactly what they get with their coach this year.”

Samantha McDonnel

“This has been a season of growth for my daughter with Texas Eastside. Her skills and her confidence as a player grew tremendously by the end of the season. Her coach was not only dedicated in her skill growth but in the player as whole. This opportunity has re-ignite my daughter’s passion for game.”

DeShawn Pitre

“When I was first approached about my daughter playing Club I wasn’t sure then thought it just might help her build skills, little did I know how much more she would improve. Texas Eastside has helped her with many skills to improve her talent! The coaches at Texas Eastside are dedicated to getting the players the experience and give the encouragement they need to continue their growth. My daughter has met so many players and became good friends with other players from other schools/areas that she never would have met without club.”

Stacy Jackson

“I learned so much in just two years playing for Eastside. The skills and work ethic I learned at Eastside helped me excel on the Varsity HS volleyball team and set the stage for a college athletic scholarship. It’s a fun experience with lots of team bonding; I built relationships with teammates and coaches that will last a lifetime.”

Brittany Partin

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